Enabling R&D breakthroughs by surfacing technical knowledge hidden in patents

How Xray helps?

Xray organizes patents from various industries according to the technical problems they solve, making it easy for researchers to find them. Xray also creates a jargon-free, plain English summary of each patent, making them easier to understand.

Why Explore Patents?

Accelerate Problem-Solving

Examining relevant patents sheds light on past attempts to tackle similar issues, helping you understand the problem better and lower the time to solution.

Uncover Fresh Perspectives

Related patents show you inventive solutions that might not cross your mind, aiding in brainstorming, mixing ideas, and improving the ultimate solution you arrive at.

Reinforce Your Strategy

Equipped with a thorough knowledge of the state-of-the-art, which patents provide you with, you become more confident about your own strategy.

Making a Difference

Our goal is to make researchers across industries more knowledgeable about the state-of-the-art.

Such knowledge helps R&D teams avoid reinventing the wheel, steer their research in more fruitful directions, and discover oppotunities for collaboration.

What Drives Us

Innovating is expensive and risky, often inefficient, but always critical.

We want to more companies to be able to innovate.

And those that do, to do it more efficiently.

Meet the Team

Mahesh Maan

Team Lead

Parikshit Saikia

Sr. Data Scientist

Vasu Sethi

Data Scientist