Industry-wise R&D Advancements

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Discover patent-based R&D innovations and the latest 3D printing advancements for greater speed, thermal management, and adhesion to lower costs, overcoming cracking and layering issues, improved efficiencies in high-resolution 3D printing and more.


Discover patented advancements enabling cutting-edge automotive lighting techniques for improved energy efficiency, glare reduction, weather resistance, cost reduction in automotive lighting and more.


Browse drone innovations like collision avoidance systems, durability improvements for extreme conditions and weather resistance in drones, automated navigation aids, enhanced stability, and techniques to increase flight times.


Discover patent-based research innovations improving batteries for electric vehicles, EV battery performance, fast charging, recycling, and safety, including EV battery thermal runaway prevention.


Access everything on the latest in innovations and research in the field of MicroLEDs. From advances in color reproduction and energy efficiency to microLED thermal management, moisture resistance in microLEDs, manufacturing improvements, and more.


Discover wind turbine patents and research on improving wind turbine power efficiency, power output and preventing wind turbine overspeeding, blade design improvements, turbine weight reduction, thermal management and more.